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About Finderbinder Online

Finderbinder Online is an updated online directory. All the media are contacted twice a year with media in the metro areas contacted bi-monthly. We also get informatioan from other lists and from newspaper and broadcast associations. Additionally information comes to us from media representatives and from you and other subscribers.

Finderbinder Online enables you to prepare mailing labels or to e-mail news releases and PSAs using the media you’ve selected for your own custom lists.

The directory includes much more information. There is a list of special interest and monthly publications as well as campus newspapers. There are also communication organizations with time and place for regular meetings and how to become a member.

In addition to the address, e-mail and fax numbers we’ve added the telephone numbers. Broadcasting personnel includes Public Affairs Directors, Managers, Owners, General Sales Managers, Advertising Directors and Assignment Editors.

Finderbinder Online enables you to prepare mailing labels for both email or postal use, or to send news releases or public services announcements as attachments to the media you've selected.

Also included are Radio call letters, power, and frequency as well as format and interview format (talk show) and the type of public service that is preferred (live, tape, mp3, or CD).

Newspaper information includes circulation, size, day published, and the open rate for advertising and date established.

Click the search menu to choose daily, monthly/special interest, radio, television, weeklies. Categories of personnel include art, business, education, entertainment, medial, PSA, religion, sports and women.

A NEWS RELEASE category identifies the person at the selected media who should receive your general news release. This will be your most used tool.

Finderbinder Online is a part of the FINDERBINDER® franchise system and is registered in the U.S. Patent Office. All rights reserved. Copyright by Gary Beals Advertising & Public Relations, 8546 Chevy Chase Drive, La Mesa, CA and registered in the U.S. Patent Office.

The entire service is available for just $175 per year.

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