Finderbinder Online Tutorial


Before you can begin using the new FINDERBINDER ONLINE you must be a SUBSCRIBER. Click the Subscribe button and complete the form. We will create an account and email you a link to set your password. Login to the website by using your email address and password. See Figure 1

Figure 1: Logging in to FINDERBINDER ONLINE

There are Two Primary searches

The Simple Search and the Advanced Search.

SIMPLE SEARCH: Click a letter on the Alpha line to see any media beginning with that letter. Click on the name of the media you choose from the listing. Select the media and scroll down to see a detailed view of the page as it appears in the directory. Click on the email address to write your message. See Figure 2.

Figure 2: Simple Search

ADVANCED SEARCH: Click on "Advanced Search". Select as many as you want from the Media List. Select as many editorial Categories you need. (Note: Choose News Release category for general news releases). See Figure 3.

Figure 3: Advanced Search

SELECT BY COUNTY: Select the counties you want to include in your target mailing. Selected counties will be shown in the box at the right of the menu. Click the search button. Click the Green Export to Excel CSV button to download the list to your computer. See Figure 5.

Figure 4: Advanced Search Results


Once you use the Submit button and open the spreadsheet you can further refine your list. Organize the list by county, by email address or alphabetically by media name. You can delete a name or add a name, and email address of a personal contact you may prefer. You can delete lines to avoid duplications.

TO SEND YOUR EMAIL: Click on the space above the e-mail list to highlight column. Copy and paste the highlighted email addresses to the BBC line in your email program. This assures the person getting the email will not see the listing of all other recipients.


CREATE:You may create a "Quick List" of media to easily refer to later. To create a new list, click "Create a New List" on the Quick Lists tab and give it a name and notes (optional). See Figure 5. After creating your Quick List, follow the directions below for Editing a Quick List.

Figure 5: Quick Lists

EDIT and DELETE:To Edit a Quick List, click "Edit." Your Quick List will become highlighted in yellow. You may now search and select multiple Media to add them to your Quick List. When you're done, simple go back to the Quick Lists tab and click "Done Editing". See Figure 6. You may also delete a Quick List at any time by simply clicking "Delete".

Figure 6: Editing a Quick List

Leaving Feedback

FINDERBINDER ONLINE is constantly improving, and we appreciate any feedback you provide us. A simple feedback tool has been provided to help us gather information about your experience. To send us feedback, click on the red button on the left center side of your screen labeled 'feedback.'